Alon Tower
November 26, 2018 5:30 pm


17:30 – Gathering and mingling (AKA: pizza & beer)
18:00 – Build a working app – without opening the browser (By Yonatan Kra)
18:45 – Break
19:00 – Angular Testing In TDD – Writing a Feature Guided By a Responsible Maniac (By Shai Reznik)
19:50- Final words and let’s skedaddle

TDD, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the average developer, to create stable features, to join in the CI/CD world, to boldly develop a minimum amount of code!

Many people say it is impossible to develop a front-end application without opening the browser. We’re here to put these claims to the (unit) test!

By the end of this meetup, you will see the true meaning of TDD and how you can work with it to become a better developer. Oh yea, and how to convince your boss it’s good…

Ready to become a TDD master? This meetup is for you!

About the speakers:

Yonatan Kra
Has three amazing kids with a wonderful wife. He LOVEs to run. He spends his time exploring, writing and utilizing new technologies and interesting patterns. [ ]

Shai Reznik
Founder and teacher at – entertaining in-depth Angular video courses that help people become experts and certified Angular rock stars (you get a guitar and all). An experienced client-side developer, an Angular Google developer expert, a spy, a mock, a blogger, a flower arranger, a panelist on the Adventures in Angular podcast and a worldwide speaker also known for his unusual Angular talks – “ng-wat” and “The ng-show”, “ng-rap”, “”ng-game-show”” etc. Shai is also the founder of the JavaScript Israel Meetup and Facebook group, a professional Improv performer and a crazy person