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March 13, 2019 7:00 pm


In her twenties, Roni Sheinkman’s life took a turn after she experienced a dramatic breakup. She started writing what she felt and to share her feelings with her Facebook friends and blog readers. Her blog rapidly gained momentum and more and more readers identified with her words, written with poignant wit, emotionally revealing and very sensitive. In her stories, Roni places a mirror before her and her readers, reflecting a reality that is not always easy to admit to and cope with, and yet – filled with strength, power and optimism.

Roni Sheinkman started out as a teen journalist in a local publication and published a popular blog. Love between the Raindrops” is Roni’s newest and already a bestseller novel, introducing her best online posts and to over 60,000 Facebook followers and 30,000 followers on Instagram.