Alon Tower
June 17, 2018 6:30 pm


Our Product of Things meetup will be all about everything you need to know in the first 365 days of your IoT product management job and no one told you about

Join us! for an interactive IoT PM talk with Noa Zehavi Raz, Head of Product at Cymbiot

  • The event is free of charge and everyone (even if you can’t attend our conference) is welcome to join us!
  • Wonder what is it this conference we are talking about? Take a look here and take your product career to an extraordinary level
  • Please note, this event will be held in Hebrew

Why did we create this fascinating event? We want to make sure you feel IoT-knowledgeable enough, so you’ll join our conference while you are full of confidence. This event is a great opportunity for all product managers out there to get a taste of the IoT world and what really makes a product, to a smart one.

Who this talk is for: This interactive talk is for product managers who find the need to educate themselves on the challenges of the IoT domain

After this talk you will be able to:

  • Read a product spec and translate it into the guidance that R&D department can efficiently work according to
  • Creatively find solutions for product specification, using no code and being independent of the need to rely on developers
  • Align your product specs with your product roadmap and design, and best use it for its needs

What is covered:

  • Learn how to best deal with different requirements from customers and how to translate those into something you can deliver
  • Understand the critical factors in product specification, how to win success and what to keep away from
  • How to best specify your IoT product (hint: focus on the product’s action and not its visualization)

In this talk, Noa brings the audience her career experience moving from management “regular” product to smarts, and spot on real-life examples of tools and methods she learned and developed.