Alon Tower, Tel Aviv . 3rd floor, BE Innovative (room 4)
July 14, 2019 6:00 pm

The ability to deliver the right message is one of the most important skills for every marketer. Sharing your startup’s story properly is crucial, especially when seeking funding.
It’s often that the Business Story defines your success, more than any component of your work.

In this talk, Illi Edry, CEO of Exitory, will explain how a Business Story practically shapes investor’s decision-making:

1. How clarity improves a company’s valuation?

2. How to re-position complex technology to become powerfully simple?

3. How your story pitch will inspire investors to invest with the best?

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EXITORY is a Growth Crafting Agency. We handcraft business and brand stories to impress Investors, Customers and Workforce. Established in 2012 by ex-VCs, we work for exceptional tech-companies, who continuously seek to quantum leap: raise substantial money, grow sales or simply inspire the world.