Alon Tower
March 17, 2019 6:00 pm


Old ways are being set aside as organizations look at work and its settings holistically. There’s a demand for new approaches of a disruptive, innovation-driven nature of the business. Our two amazing speakers, Dana and Nirit will speak of the changes in the nature of work and the future of our workplace.

6:00 PM: Gathering and mingling

6:30 PM: Polyamory at your Workplace – Dana Shelaff Stern
Is it possible to conduct a “healthy relationship” in the workplace, and also to create hot affairs in a different place of work – all with the knowledge and support of your boss?

7:00 PM: The Future of Work – Nirit Cohen
By 2025 today’s world of work will seem as foreign as we view that of the 1800s. What will work look like in this new world? who is a worker? a manager? what is an organization?

About Bilance

Bilance is a location-based platform for freelancers. Its concept sets a new model in the Human capital domain, bringing the sharing economy to businesses. On Bilance you can find both classic Freelancers alongside Bilancers. Bilancers are employees from one company providing time and work for different companies. We believe the most important thing is to work with the right people for the task at the right time. Bilance is building a community for both freelancers and bilancers.