Alon Tower
November 12, 2018 7:00 pm

Our first session will be a deep dive into Redux

“Redux helps you create a solid architecture and protects you from writing bad code” – that is a misconception people use too often.
There are many different ways to build an app based on Redux, and there are important concepts to master.

Through this live coding MasterClass, you will learn some advanced concepts in building your Redux store,
and how these concepts affect performance, single source of truth, code reusability and more.

Target audience
This MasterClass is aimed at people with practical experience with Redux or plans to incorporate it as part of their front-end stack.
This MasterClass is framework agnostic. All the examples will be written in vanilla JavaScript.

– 18:30 Welcome!
– 19:00 Master Class starts
– 20:30 Q&A
– 21:00 Go home inspired!

What to Expect:
– Lecture
– Live coding
– Food and drinks
– Having a good time