Alon Tower
July 9, 2018 6:30 pm

What’s on the agenda:

18:30 Meet & Mingle
19:00 Geo Gaming? A Geo-Referenced Shooting Game Built With Angular – Yuval Bar Levi, Web Developer & Trainer @ Webiks
19:30 Break
19:50 Improve Angular applications run-time performance – Eliran Eliassy Front End Team Lead @ StuccoMedia
20:30 Raffle! 2 Free WebStorm Licenses!
About the talks and the speakers:

Geo Gaming? A Geo-Referenced Shooting Game Built With Angular

The Gaming industry and the Geo (GIS) domain usually don’t intersect. Gaming is for gamers, Geo is for, hmm… Map Makers? However, the area of intersection between the two treasures some interesting potentials waiting to be unleashed. In this talk, I will present GeoStrike – an experimental project designed to explore the feasibility of “geo-gaming” – an online geo-referenced 3D shooting game. I will describe the goals, requirements, and potentials of such a game. We will discuss the technical challenges we faced while implementing the game. And of course, shoot some bullets…Our current architecture and implementation will be presented – GeoStrike Alpha, a shooting game that is built on top of Angular, Apollo GraphQL, NodeJS, CesiumJS & 3D Tiles.

Yuval is a web superhero wannabe, Specialized in Angular-based Geo Applications Development. Run WEBbeast program – an intensive course turning junior developers into dreadful, amazing and professional full-stack web beasts. Love Hiking and Philosophy. Happily married to JavaScript, No kids yet.

Improve Angular applications run-time performance

In days the core team investing a lot of effort in minimizing the bundle size with the new renderer engine (Ivy), Let’s try to accelerate our run-time performance using basic computer science concepts and better design architecture.
I will demonstrate how our components design implementation, change detection strategy, working with immutable types and basic caching is crucial run-time performance even for small applications.

Eliran is an experienced Front End developer, specialized in B2C applications.
Front End Team Lead @
Weekends FE developer @