Alon Tower
July 16, 2018 6:30 pm

Deloitte, EcoMotion, and ZenCity cordially invite you to join us as an international thought leader in the field of Smart CIties, Stephen Goldsmith, shares his insights on how to improve and transform our cities.

IoT, data analytics, and social media create exciting new opportunities for city governments, as well as new challenges. Hoe can we use them to bolster the change that cities are looking for?

Stephen Goldsmith, Professor of Government & Director of the Innovations in Government Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

He currently directs Data-Smart City Solutions- a project that highlights local government efforts to use new technologies that connect breakthroughs using big data analytics and community input.

He previously served as Deputy Mayor of New York and Mayor of Indianapolis, where he earned a reputation as one of the country’s leaders in public-private partnerships’ competition, and privatization.